On-campus housing accommodations are provided through University Housing and Dining Services (UHDS), in collaboration with Disability Access Services (DAS). DAS first determines a student’s eligibility for disability related accommodations and the applicability of the accommodation request.  

All students must follow the deadlines established by UHDS for requesting on-campus housing.  

Determinations for housing accommodations requests can take 2-4 weeks, once all steps below have been completed.  Responses to requests for future terms may take longer.  

**Please note: Applications received between September and February for the next academic year will be reviewed in February (example: Student applying for Fall term 2020 housing accommodations submits an application in October 2019. This application will be reviewed in February 2020.) ** 

Housing accommodations are granted by DAS for an academic year. Students who are requesting housing accommodations must complete the steps below each academic year.  However, if documentation has already been submitted to DAS that reflects current impacts (Step 4) that documentation will not need to be resubmitted. 

All housing accommodations are provided based on available inventory and prioritized based upon the date the student fully completes the steps for requesting a housing accommodation identified below.   

If the granted housing accommodation affects costs (single room, private bathroom, etc), the student will be granted the room accommodation for the academic year at a reduced rate (the cost of double room occupancy). 

Following the completion of the steps identified below for requesting housing related accommodations, DAS will e-mail the student who is requesting the housing accommodation, and copy UHDS, regarding the determination of their housing accommodation request. 


Steps for Requesting Housing Accommodations

  1. Apply for housing through UHDS on your My UHDS page. 
  2. Visit UHDS' Accessibility Information page for more information regarding on-campus housing accommodations and fill out the Disability Accommodation Request (DAR) at your My UHDS page. 
  3. Register for services with Disability Access Services (DAS). 
  4. Provide documentation of your disability to DAS. If your existing documentation does not address your housing needs, please have our DAS Housing Documentation Form filled out by a qualified healthcare professional. Any housing accommodation requests must be specifically addressed and supported by the documentation you provide. 
  5. If you are requesting an Assistance Animal (emotional support animal or ESA) in on-campus housing, you must also provide a completed DAS Housing Assistance Animal Form from a qualified professional. Contact DAS at Disability.Services@oregonstate.edu with any questions. 
  6. Schedule a 30-minute discussion appointment with a DAS Housing Review Team member (this can be in-person or over the phone) once the above steps have been completed. If the student is currently living on the Corvallis campus then the 30-minute discussion must take place in-person. 

Please review the additional DAS Animal Guidelines for additional information regarding animals on the OSU campus(es). 


DAS Process: 

  • Once the student has submitted a request for a housing accommodation (Step 2 above) the student will receive an email from DAS reminding the student to complete all the steps listed above (Steps 3 through 6).
  • Once all six (6) steps for an OSU On-Campus Housing Accommodation Request have been completed, the DAS Housing Review Team will process and review the request. DAS will inform students of the outcome of their housing accommodation request(s) through e-mail.  
  • Housing accommodations are granted by DAS for an academic year (September – June of each year or the remainder of the current academic year).  


Summer Housing Accommodation Requests: 

All students wishing to live on-campus during the summer and receive housing accommodations will need to request those accommodations separately from the regular academic year housing accommodation requests. 

If the student has not previously lived in on-campus housing with accommodations or is requesting different housing accommodations than previously approved by DAS, then all of the above identified steps for requesting a housing accommodation must be followed. 

If a student is requesting the same housing accommodations that were approved for the immediate previous academic year, the student needs only to submit a DAR for the summer term through their My UHDS page (Step 2).  


If you are a Returning OSU Student Living On-Campus: 

All students with currently approved housing accommodations through DAS will receive a reminder from UHDS regarding the housing application deadline, reminding them to request their housing accommodations for the following academic year (if they are choosing to continue to live on-campus). 

Continuously enrolled students who miss the established UHDS deadlines for requesting on-campus housing will lose their priority selection status. This includes returning students who are registered for services with DAS who are requesting housing accommodations for the following academic year. So, remember it’s important to get your housing and housing accommodation requests in as soon as you can. 


Page Updated 09/2019