Accessible Furniture 

Basic classroom furniture, such as alternative seating and wheelchair accessible tables, will be provided to students who are eligible for accessible furniture.  Prescription seating and other items of a personal nature are not the responsibility of the University.  Students may furnish their own personal items, such as special seating devise or cushions, to be used in campus classrooms, when necessary.


Students who need accessible furniture (adjustable tables, cushioned chairs, etc.) need to follow

the process  below every term.

  1. Before requesting accessible furniture, please checkout the class in person or take a virtual tour of your class by visiting!/home/search/location/list/2764606
    1. On the right hand side of the screen, scroll down to and click on “search for room”.  You will be taken to the R25WV page.
    2. On the right hand side of the screen (in blue) scroll down and click on the building name.
    3. Next click on the room number
    4. A pop up screen will appear with information on the features of the room. Scroll down to see pictures of the building and room.
  2. DAS encourages students to request accessible furniture via the DAS Online system within 48 hours of registering for classes.  Due to the volume of requests prior to the start of the term, DAS needs at least (3) weeks to place furniture in the classroom.
  3. DAS will place accessible furniture in the classroom as needed (tables, chairs, etc.) Furniture is identified with DAS placard/sticker on the back indicating it is a DAS piece of furniture.
  4. Notify DAS at within the first week of the term or as soon as possible if you encounter a problem with the furniture.
  5. Furniture requests made during the term may take up to two (2) weeks to complete.  DAS will work as quickly as possible to place the furniture.  However, DAS must work around classroom availability in order to place furniture.

Chair - Lumbar Support

DAS chairs provide additional lumbar support, padding, or space. These chairs are available with or without arms.

Table - Height Adjustable

DAS tables are large and height-adjustable, without center bar obstructions. This allows students using DAS lumbar support chairs and/or students using wheelchairs to have a table that is adjustable to their preferred height.

Podium - Height Adjustable

Podiums are small desks on wheels that can be quickly and easily raised to a standing position.

Foot Stools

DAS footstools provide elevated support.

Missing Furniture

If there is a problem or issue with furniture, or if the furniture goes missing, please contact DAS immediately.

DAS manual wheelchair loan program:

DAS has several manual wheelchairs available for temporary student use at no charge. Wheelchair loans are available for up to two weeks and must be picked up from and returned to the DAS Office located in Kerr A200. You must have a valid OSU student ID card to borrow a DAS wheelchair.

For any questions about campus accessibility or accessible furniture please contact DAS at 541-737-4098 or email

Page Updated 09/2018