Oregon State University is located within a historic district and the university has worked to make buildings/classrooms physically accessible.  However, some of our historic buildings may still have accessibility challenges. Here is information on buildings/classroom with limited access

Courses may be relocated if the building/classroom is not physically accessible, does not meet other disability related needs or travel time between buildings is not sufficient.  Students who need additional time to move between buildings may need Priority Registration to accommodate this need. Students should connect with their DAS advisor in situations where avoiding back-to-back courses is beyond the control of the student.


Every term, students who need accessible building/classroom relocation should follow the process below.

Before requesting a classroom relocation, please review the accessibility of the building/classroom to determine if the space will meet your needs  https://25live.collegenet.com/oregonstate


  • Once on the webpage, under Quick Search in the left-hand column, use Search Locations:

             Search Page



  • Type in the building and classroom you’re looking for and hit enter or to search.
  • For example:

Here’s a search done for Strand Hall 160:         

Search of Strand Hall 160




  • Click on the Classroom in blue in the left-hand column.  An Availability Grid will appear, change the search criteria by clicking on Details (button to the left of List).  This will show you several details of the room (see example below):

Room Detail


  • If you need to see where the building is located or to look at the accessible entrances, click on the OSU Map Link under Attributes:     

             Map link under attributes


Students are encouraged to request classroom relocation accommodations within 48 hours of registering for their courses.  Due to the time involved to relocate a course, requests to relocate a classroom should be made at least four (4) weeks prior to the start of the term.

  • If you need one or more of your courses relocated, log into the DAS Online system and request to have the course(s) relocated.
  • Classroom relocation requests made with less than (four) 4 weeks prior to the beginning of the term may result in the student not having access to the course until after the start of the term.

If students are concerned a classroom may not meet their needs, or have questions about campus accessibility, please contact DAS at 541-737-4098. 

It is important to note:

  • DAS will work with the Office of the Registrar and faculty to find another room that will meet the objectives of the course and instructional requirements of the faculty.
  • Courses with specific health and safety equipment such as ventilation hoods, eye washing stations, etc. may not be possible to relocate.
  • Courses that require specially equipped classrooms or where moving a course would fundamentally alter the nature of a course or program may not be possible to relocate.
  • If a classroom cannot be relocated, DAS will work with the student, faculty member and the Office of the Registrar to determine options and next steps.
  • OSU is in the process of renovating our facilities in order to make OSU universally accessible to all. For more information about our recent efforts, see the OSU Accessibility Website.