A specific disability can interfere with a student's successful completion of a course. To substitute a Baccalaureate core course (Bacc core), appropriate documentation is required from a qualified professional, such as an educational diagnostician or psychologist, who addresses the functional impact of the disability on the educational environment. A Bacc core course will not be waived as a result of a disability.

Students need to be aware that the process for substitution of a Bacc core course can take time. As a result students should not wait until the last minute (last term) to accomplish this task. Additionally, a Bacc core course may be substituted but not waived. The student and the department will agree on another course(s) to replace the credits of the courses that are required but are not being taken.

To substitute a course, documentation approval must be obtained through the DAS Office. Below is an outline of the process to be used by a student to substitute a required Bacc core course because of a documented disability.

  • The student contacts the Head Advisor of their academic college. The Head Advisor will inform the student of the appropriate process within the academic college for obtaining approval to substitute a required course, as the result of a disability.
  • The Student contacts the DAS director to indicate the need for a course substitution as a result of a disability. The student works with DAS to ensure sufficient documentation and information is in place to support the substitution request.
  • The director of DAS will contact the Head Advisor of the student's academic college to address questions or concerns regarding accommodations for students with disabilities in terms of course substitutions.
  • The student follows the regular petitioning/approval process within the academic college. For Bacc core course substitutions, the Head Advisor of the student's academic college must approve the course substitution. For other required course substitutions, the appropriate department and college approvals must be obtained.
  • If the course substitution is denied, the Head Advisor informs the director of DAS. The Head Advisor informs the student of the appeal processes. Appeals to this decision are referred to: 1) the Dean of the College and then to the Provost's Office, and 2) the Office of Equal Opportunity and Access.

Page Updated 9/2020