Sign language interpreting services may be requested for OSU classes, class-related activities, and events/activities open to students and/or the public.

As required by law, Disability Access Services (DAS) provides qualified interpreters. Interpreters working for DAS must also abide by the NAD-RID Code of Professional Conduct.


Student Responsibilities

  • Request accommodations in DAS Online Services within 48 hours after registering for courses.
  • Cancel or modify requests for accommodations in DAS Online Services as changes occur.
  • Email your interpreters and when absent from class(es) or if the instructor cancels class on a particular day.
    • Students who repeatedly are "no shows" in classes without requesting a cancellation of the service may have the service temporarily suspended and will have to meet with the Manager of Deaf and Hard of Hearing Access Services to resolve the issue. 
  • Ask a classmate for a copy of the notes if you do not attend class.
  • The interpreter will wait 20 minutes outside the classroom if a student is late to class.
  • Email both your interpreters and with class relocations. If DAS and the interpreters are not informed, the interpreters will go to the original location, and you will not have communication access for that class meeting. 

Additional Academic Program Requests

Please check the class syllabi for information concerning field trips, extra credit opportunities and other activities that will require accommodations outside the classroom or regular class hours. Requests for accommodations should be made through the online Custom Request form. Students who receive communication access accommodations through DAS can create custom requests through their accounts on DAS Online Services.

Non Class-Related Interpreting Requests

Advertisements for an event should list a contact person to whom requests for accommodations can be made. If no such information is provided, interpreters can be requested through the student’s DAS Online Services account. Students, staff & faculty can request an interpreter for a non-class event using the Custom Request form.

Timeline for interpreting requests

A minimum of 48 hours advance notice is requested; one week advance notice is preferred. Please do not make requests directly to interpreters. Interpreters must have prior approval from DAS before accepting assignments.

Working with Interpreters

  • Please see the NAD -RID Code of Professional Conduct for information regarding the role of an interpreter.
  • Names and email addresses of interpreters can be found by clicking the “Communication Access” link under “My Accommodations” in DAS Online Services.
  • The student and the interpreter should agree on technical or specialized sign vocabulary. If there are specific sign or style preferences, the student should communicate them to the interpreter.
  • If the student is scheduled to do a class presentation, provide a copy of the presentation notes to the interpreter. The student will also need to schedule time to meet with the interpreter in advance of the presentation.
  • Do not expect the interpreter to be available to interpret additional questions or comments after the class ends.
  • It is recommended that meetings with instructors should be scheduled during posted/identified faculty office hours. The student may request an interpreter for the meeting based on the interpreter’s availability following the 48-hours advance notice policy for requesting services.
  • The student should discuss concerns relating to the interpreter/interpreting process directly with the interpreter. If the issue remains unresolved, the student should make an appointment with the Manager of Deaf and Hard of Hearing Access Services by emailing or calling 541-737-3670 (voice).


Page Updated 09/2020