Disability Access Services provides accommodations, resources and coaching to enhance student success at Oregon State University. We work with campus partners to create an inclusive living and learning environment for our students.

Getting Started

If you haven't registered with Disability Access Services, there is another page for you! Go visit our Getting Started page to find our registration form, documentation information, and steps for signing up.

Need to Know

Looking for the handbook? Not sure how to request your accommodations? This section is for you!

Didn't find what you're looking for? Contact DAS!

Resources for DAS Students

We've got lots of information for students at DAS - whether you're looking for tips on communicating with faculty or trying to find one of the cultural centers on campus, check out the list below!

Other Campuses

DAS provides accommodations for OSU students at all of our campuses. If you have not already registered with DAS, please see our Getting Started page.

Students at OSU-Cascades should email CascadesDAS@osucascades.edu for help with completing the registration process. Students at all other campuses should work with the main DAS office.

Satellite Campuses

DAS also provides accommodations for students at OSU satellite campuses in Newport, Portland, and elsewhere. If you are attending classes at any OSU campus, you should register with DAS in order to receive accommodations.