Priority Registration is approved when a student’s disability-related impact(s) requires accommodation(s) to be put in place that may require the hiring of trained service providers, time-intensive material creation, or adjustments to class locations. This may include, but is not limited to students who require the following:

  • A course schedule with travel time built in, due to a disability that impacts mobility, speed, stamina, and/or endurance to cross the campus.
  • Services or accommodations that may require significant planning and time on the part of DAS to arrange the following: ASL/English interpreting, real-time captioning, real-time transcribing, captioned media, tactile graphics, audio description, and printed materials in Braille.
  • A specific schedule due to significant or chronic medical conditions, or those following a strict medication or treatment regimen impacting their ability to attend classes at certain times of the day.

Priority Registration allows the student to register for courses the Friday prior to general registration.

In order to have access to priority registration, once approved by DAS, undergraduate students need to:

  • Meet with their academic advisor BEFORE the Friday of priority registration.
    • Registration PINs are distributed by academic advisors.
  • Register for courses on the Friday designated for priority registration.
  • Request your accommodations in DAS Student Online Services Login, according to the timeline in Chapter 4 of the DAS Student Handbook.

All post-bacc and graduate students:

Once approved by DAS, these students will have their Registration PIN emailed to them prior to priority registration.

How to best use Priority Registration

Thoughts to consider:

  • The time the class meets and how often the class meets;
  • The need for back-to-back classes or the need to schedule classes with ample breaks in-between;
  • If the course load has a balance of academically challenging and less difficult classes.
  • Please note:
    • Incoming first-year, or transfer students who are found eligible for Priority Registration may not be able to use this accommodation for the current term, but they will be able to access this accomodation when registering for future terms.

Priority Registration does not:

  • Guarantee availability of courses or provision of courses/sections at specific times.
  • Exempt students from meeting prerequisites.
  • Grant access to restricted or closed courses or sections.

Page updated 08/2022