Notification of Concern/Complaint Process

Clear communication between students, their service providers, faculty, and the DAS staff is vital to utilizing the DAS program effectively. Students are encouraged to communicate their concerns directly with the person(s) involved; however, if a resolution cannot be reached, DAS staff will assist students in advocating for their right to receive appropriate and effective accommodations.

Students who are experiencing barriers to receiving their accommodations that remain unresolved should contact DAS for assistance. DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE END OF THE TERM OR AFTER RECEIVING A FINAL GRADE TO CONTACT DAS.


To submit a complaint or concern, please send an email to with the following information:



Your Name:

Course Information:

What is the Nature of the Concern/Complaint?

Name(s) of Person(s) Involved:

                Service Provider




What do you suggest to resolve this issue?


If the concern is related to a service provider (i.e. notetaker, proctor, interpreter, etc.), students are encouraged to discuss the issue directly with the service provider.  If the issue remains unresolved, students should contact the Coordinator/Program Manager for assistance.  If the student does not feel the concern or complaint has been appropriately resolved, the student should contact the DAS Director.  Additionally, depending on the nature of the complaint, student concerns may be referred to the Office of Equal Opportunity and Access. Please see the Office of Equal Opportunity and Access page for Student Complaint Procedures (both Formal & Informal Processes) at for additional information.