Hearing Assistive Technology amplifies sound. The FM system is comprised of a microphone and a transmitter worn by the speaker, and a receiver and coupling device, worn by the listener, that transmits sound to the listener's ear or hearing aid. Although it is not useful for all types of hearing loss, students who use an FM system experience an improved ability to hear because the voice of the speaker is amplified, while the majority of environmental sounds are masked. Students may request an FM system for amplification of sound in addition to other services provided through DAS.

FM System consisting of microphone and transmitter.

Please note: for hearing aid users, many of the newer digital hearing aids will require assistance from an audiologist in order to adjust hearing aid settings to be compatible with the FM system. If a student is eligible to receive hearing assistive technology, the equipment can be requested by selecting “FM System” when making requests for accommodations in the DAS Student Online Services Login

Students are issued an FM system for the academic year. Students are responsible for the equipment issued by DAS and will be charged for loss or damage other than normal wear and tear. 

Page updated 08/2022