The Position

TypeWell transcribers are recruited as necessary to provide real-time communication access and transcripts to deaf and hard of hearing students. Using sophisticated software on notebook computers, the transcriber rapidly types information presented in the classrooms in complete English sentences, to be viewed simultaneously by the student readers. The transcriber will also voice the comments and questions posed by deaf students, as needed.

Duties and Responsibilities

Types material from spoken lectures, discussions, and meetings into notebook computer using sophisticated abbreviation software; locates documents in files when revisions are requested and inserts, deletes, corrects, and emails documents as necessary; rapidly sets up and breaks down equipment in classroom settings and regularly relocates equipment to different locations; operates peripheral equipment such as printers and desktop computers; performs application programming operations (enters specialized vocabulary into software as needed) to assist in the rapid and accurate translation of spoken information into electronic and print materials; identifies and takes corrective action to resolve routine operational problems.

Minimum Requirements

Experience using word processing software; type 65 wpm net. Ability to listen to, understand, and rapidly restate the full meaning of spoken English heard in classes and meetings.

Required Specialized Skills/Abilities

Excellent listening skills and demonstrated ability to identify essential components of orally presented information; excellent knowledge of English grammar, spelling and academic vocabulary; ability to operate a PC/laptop computer and other peripheral equipment (copier, printer); comfortable working in an academic setting with diverse populations. Must be able to work hours that correspond to students' schedules, including occasional evenings. Candidate must also be able to attend an on-line transcribing course to learn use of specialized abbreviation software program and transcribing skills.

Preferred Skills

Two years of coursework at the postsecondary level.

Transcriber Handbook

For additional information about the requirements, expectations, and responsibilities of transcribers, please view the Transcriber Handbook.

Transcriber Tutorials (link)

To Apply

Job postings will contain application information. For additional information, contact