As part of Oregon State University's comprehensive First Year Experience (FYE), first-year students are required to live on campus. Living on campus is an excellent way for students to connect with key campus resources and build community.

While participation in the FYE Live-on Residency Requirement is an integral part of each first-year students’ education/experience, OSU recognizes that exceptions to the requirement may be appropriate in certain circumstances.

Please review OSU’s First Year Experience Live-on Residency Requirements Policy statement, prior to completing an FYE exemption request through DAS.

All students seeking a First Year Live-On Exemption on the basis of disability need to complete the UHDS housing process and meet the UHDS timelines, as this will ensure compliance with institutional requirements and ensures living space if an exemption is not determined as reasonable


In order to determine a disability-related housing accommodation at OSU, DAS needs more information about the impact of your condition in a living environment.

Please see below the steps we need you to complete:


1.        Apply with Disability Access Services (DAS).

2.        Provide a letter from a qualified healthcare professional, including the following:

    a.    A description of your professional relationship

    b.   A confirmation of your relevant medical or mental health diagnoses

    c.    A statement of support for an Exemption to the First Year Live-On Requirement

   d.      A description of how your disability creates a significant barrier to your full and meaningful participation in an on-campus residential experience:

The description should include an explanation of how your disability will disproportionately affect you compared to your peers such that living off campus is the only viable option for you. This impact must go beyond the typical stress or nervousness that most people are expected to feel in living with a roommate or with an unfamiliar person.

3.      Schedule a 30-minute discussion appointment with DAS Housing Review Team members (this can be in-person or through Zoom) once the above steps have been completed.



  • Once all three (3) above steps have been completed, the DAS Housing Review Team will process and review the request.
  • DAS will inform the student, UHDS and the First Year Exemption office of the determination of the First year live-on policy exemption for disability-related reasons  through their OSU e-mail.  
  • This process can take 2-4 weeks.


Updated 8/2022