Accessible Formats are course materials including textbooks, documents, exams, handouts, etc., converted (by DAS) into various accessible alternatives such as MS Word documents, PDF’s, Braille, etc.

  • The conversion process of some accessible formats may be time consuming. As such, to ensure timely delivery of accessible format, students should enter their requests within 48 hours of registering for classes or according to the timelines outlined in chapter 4 of the student handbook (each term).
  • To select preferred E-text format, students first need to select E-text as an accommodation. Once this step is complete, they can change their preference under "Alternative Formats."
  • Students eligible for Braille or using a computer screen reader (NVDA, JAWS, VoiceOver, etc.) should contact Accessible Formats at 541-737-3666 (voice) or (email) immediately after registering for their courses.
    • To begin the conversion of materials, DAS will attempt to obtain copies of syllabi from the instructor. However, it is ultimately the student’s responsibility to make sure DAS has a copy of the syllabi by/or during the first week of the term.
  • Should the student need additional course materials in accessible formats, please make this request separately to
  • The process of converting materials cannot begin until the student provides proof of purchase or a rental agreement for a textbook (or other material). This must be submitted in order to receive accessible formats.
  • It is recommended that students whom are eligible for priority registration utilize this to ensure timely delivery of accessible formats.  
  • Late requests will be processed according to the timeline in chapter 4 of the DAS Student Handbook.
  • Students should notify Accessible Formats immediately if some course material is not required.


Please note that these accessible materials are intended to be used by the eligible student only and are not to be duplicated and/or redistributed. Redistribution means that materials are not to be shared with friends, peers, posted online, etc.  

DAS will attempt to retrieve an electronic copy from the publisher. However, the accessibility conversion process can only begin after DAS has obtained a copy of the text. As such, students may be asked to bring their physical copy in order for this this process to begin.

For questions, students should contact the Assistive Technology Manager at 541-737-3666 (voice) or at (email).

Page Updated 09/2020