DAS Testing Center on the Corvallis campus and OSU-Cascades Testing Services on the Bend campus do not provide proctoring services for Ecampus exams.


Alternative Testing Exam Accommodations

DAS is committed to providing reasonable testing accommodations for eligible students. Exam accommodations are determined on a case-by-case basis and may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Extended time
    • Extended test time applies to “seated” exams that are timed and are expected to be completed in one sitting. Extended test time does not apply to take-home exams or exams that allow completion/submission over multiple days.
  • Computer Screen Reader (CSR): A CSR is software that will provide written or online text in an audio format.
  • If the exam is built in Canvas, students will use Ally and Immersive Reader for this accommodation. Instructors do not need to provide a highlight-able PDF or Word document. This only applies to exams set up as Canvas assignments and not Canvas quizzes.
  • Computer Word Processor (CWP): The student uses a computer to type their responses.
  • Computer Speech to Text (CST): CST is software that will transcribe a student’s speech into a text document. The student speaks directly into a microphone to create a text document. The software does not provide the student assistance with grammar, spelling, or punctuation; therefore, the student will be responsible for editing the document as needed. 

 Student Responsibilities

  • Request accommodations in DAS Student Online Services Login each term so instructors and Ecampus Testing will be notified about the student’s testing accommodations. 

  • Review the course syllabus to determine if a proctor is needed for exams. 

  • Confirm extra time has been provided in Canvas. It is recommended DAS students send an email to their instructor prior to the exam to remind them about the DAS testing accommodation. In most cases, this reminder will ensure students have the correct amount of time. If you do not receive a response, please forward the email to your DAS Adviser. 

  • Please be advised:  Do not start an exam until the correct amount of time shows in the testing window.  If the student is ready to start the exam and the extended test time has not been added, student should email their instructor immediately.   DAS cannot add in additional time; only the instructor can extend the exam time. 

  • Instructors will need to make additional arrangements if the testing accommodation is not set up for the student to take the exam (e.g., delayed start time, exam scheduled for the next day, new window of time to take the exam). 

  • If an instructor uses Proctorio for exams, the student should notify DAS Testing Services at testing.services@oregonstate.edu. A DAS Adviser will work with the student and their instructor to ensure the student has access to accommodations not typically specified (access to food/drink, use of a computer screen reader, etc.) in the notification email. Additional information may be needed to ensure the Proctorio system does not flag the student for using accommodations that may fall outside the exam environment parameters.


Ecampus Exam Proctoring – Here is additional Ecampus information.


Illness and Other Reschedule Requests

If a student is ill or needs to reschedule outside of the Canvas testing window set by the course instructor, the student must contact the instructor for permission and have the instructor communicate the extension with Ecampus Testing. 


Instructor Responsibilities

  • Review the Notification of Academic Accommodations email sent for each registered DAS student in a course. Student information can also be viewed in the DAS Instructor Online Services Login.
  • Input all extended time accommodations for exams and quizzes in Canvas for each student.
  • Extended test time applies to “seat” exams or exams that are expected to be completed in one sitting. Extended test time does not apply to take-home exams or exams that allow completion/submission over multiple days.  
  • Instructors are responsible for inputting alternative testing accommodations into Canvas for all students eligible for alternative testing accommodations whether the exam is proctored or not proctored.
  • Proctorio and computer screen readers/screen magnification software. 

    • For Canvas quizzes/exams, students should be allowed to use either JAWS, Kurzweil, Ally, Mac-book Pro screen reader, screen magnification software or speech- to-text software.  Please know that some Proctorio settings (Disable Printing and Disable Clipboard) interferes with the use of screen readers/screen magnification software.  Instructor options: 

      • 1. Create a duplicate practice quiz and duplicate exam(s) for the DAS student and apply the modified Proctorio settings for the student 

      • 2.  Exempt the DAS student from Proctorio on the original exams 

  • For assistance, please contact Ecampus Course Development and Training or for on-campus support, Academic Technology. 

  • DAS students should receive their extra time accommodation on quizzes/exams based on the length of time provided to all students in the course. For example, if the student receives 1.5x extra time accommodation for a 60-minute exam, the student would receive an additional 30 minutes. Here is How To Add Extra Time in Canvas

  • For exams that have very short open/close availability, instructors will need to create separate open/close dates and times and add the extra time for DAS students to receive their full allotted time. To set up an exam with a short open/close availability there are two separate processes required in Canvas: 

  • First the instructor will add a second set of open/close/due dates specific to the DAS student(s) by editing the assignment. The instructor will add individual students by name. Once typing begins, Canvas should pull up the student’s name.  To more easily find your DAS students, use CTRL+F (PC) or Command+F (MAC) to search for them by last name. 

  • Second, the instructor will go to "Moderate Quiz" and add extra time per the DAS student’s specific accommodation.  Here is How To Add Extra Time in Canvas


Page updated: 8/2022