Real-Time captioning (CART) is a method of converting spoken language into visual text onto a laptop computer screen. Specialized software and stenography equipment are used in this conversion process.

Real-time captioning services at OSU are provided by a captioner in a remote location. DAS technicians will go to the classroom to assist the faculty and student with setup for the service. The setup generally doesn’t take more than a minute.

The faculty will wear a small lapel microphone that will allow the captioner to hear what is being said in class. The microphone cannot pick up student comments and questions; therefore, it is necessary for the faculty to repeat comments and questions in order for the student using the service to be included in class discussions.

After class, the student is emailed a transcript of what was said. Students are not permitted to share the transcript with any other students, and are asked to delete the transcripts after grades are posted and there are no disputes. Transcripts are considered the intellectual property of the faculty.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Program Manager of Deaf and Hard of Hearing Access Services at (541) 737-3670 (voice) or (email).

Page Updated 11/2014