Real-time transcribing is a method of using specialized software to convert spoken language into text onto any device with a web browser and internet access.

If electronic devices are not allowed in the classroom, please be aware that students eligible for transcribing must use an electronic device with internet to receive their accommodation.

  • Lecture material, class comments, questions, and social interactions among the student's peers are all transcribed. The transcriber captures both the meaning and style of what is said.
  • The text from the transcriber is not "word-for word." The transcriber has been trained to condense information in order to keep up with the pace of the lecture, while retaining all essential points of the material.
  • The use of two linked computers allows the student to type questions and comments to the transcriber during class. The transcriber can then read ("voice") for the student, if that is the student's preference.
  • The transcribing process always involves a slight lag time. The student using the service will require a few additional seconds in order to respond to questions and/or participate in class discussions.
  • The student is responsible for copying the information on overheads or written on the board. It is impossible for the student to simultaneously copy the information and watch the transcribing on a computer screen. Therefore, it is very helpful to a student who is deaf/hard of hearing to receive copies of overheads used during lecture in advance.
  • Transcribers are typically added to the Learning Management System (LMS) as “observers” so that they can read posted material, become familiar with vocabulary, and prepare for the class. Instructions for this process are available at Accommodations in Canvas or the OSU Computer Helpdesk at 541-737-3474 can provide assistance if needed.
  • The transcriber must be seated towards the front of the classroom to ensure that the faculty can be easily heard.
  • The transcriber will begin to set up equipment immediately upon arrival in the classroom. If the student is absent, the transcriber occasionally might be rescheduled to a different class. In such cases, the transcriber will break down the equipment and exit the classroom as unobtrusively as possible. Otherwise, the transcriber will stay in the class and transcribe in order to remain current with the vocabulary and concepts used during the class.
  • By the end of the day of the class, the transcriber will edit out non-subject related and confidential material and will provide a copy of the transcript to the student to serve as notes for the class. Students are not permitted to share the transcript with any other person and will not receive transcripts of classes they did not attend except if the absence is documented as disability-related.
  • Students are instructed to delete all transcripts after final grades have been posted and there is no dispute regarding the grades.
  • Transcribers are required to follow the Transcriber Code of Ethics, which include an obligation to keep all assignment related information strictly confidential.

TypeWell Transcriber's Code of Ethics

  • The transcriber will keep strictly confidential all information learned during transcribing assignments.
  • The transcriber will accurately transcribe the meaning of the spoken utterances made by individuals in the class or other transcribing situation.
  • The transcriber will accurately voice comments and questions in reverse interpreting situations.
  • The transcriber will not answer student questions about class content. The transcriber will instead facilitate communication between the instructor and student/reader, by transcribing or voicing as needed.
  • The transcriber will not offer opinions or input of any kind in classes and meetings, even if invited to do so by instructors or others.
  • The transcriber will accept only those assignments for which he or she possesses appropriate skills.
  • The transcriber will strive to continually improve his or her transcribing skills.
  • The transcriber will prevent unauthorized people from using TypeWell to provide services for students and others.

For additional information, please contact the Manager of Deaf and Hard of Hearing Access Services at or 541-737-3670

Page Updated 11/2014