Oregon State University (OSU) is committed to providing access to all individuals. One way that OSU does this is by acknowledging that some students may require a Personal Care Attendant (PCA) while in the learning environment.

Please be aware:

  • OSU does not provide PCA services
  • PCA’s are hired, paid and employed by the student they are assisting
  • PCA’s are not classroom or lab assistants
  • PCA’s are required to abide by all OSU policies, including but not limited to the Student Code of Conduct
  • PCA’s are only permissible in the classroom or lab when the student is in attendance
  • PCA’s may not be enrolled in the class they are working in and will not receive academic credit for the class

A student bringing a PCA to OSU must register with Disability Access Services (DAS) prior to the PCA attending classes with the student. A student must identify the classes the PCA will attend with the student on DAS Online Services each term.

If a student will require a PCA while living in the residence halls the student must register with DAS and request housing accommodations through University Housing and Dining Services (UHDS).

Refer to the PCA guidelines for more detailed information regarding student, PCA and Disability Access Services (DAS) roles and responsibilities.