Headshot of Shanti Morrell

This interview was conducted post-pandemic 8/1/2023.

DAS interviewed Shanti via Zoom during summer 2023. Shanti was a recipient of the Leonard & Marion Rice Disability Scholarship for the 2022-2023 academic year. DAS wanted to know how the scholarship funding supported Shanti in her academics at OSU.

Shanti is a computer science major and an excellent problem solver.  They are always trying to find different ways to approach new challenges and finds satisfaction when reaching a solution. Shanti has a passion for the STEM program and considers themselves a lifelong learner and is why they have pursued a computer science degree with a focus on artificial intelligence. The aspects that are most appealing around computer science is the problem solving and the promising career opportunities.  Shanti has received several awards including The Presidential Scholarship Award, Drucilla Shepard Smith Scholastic Award, and has made the Dean's list for the College of Engineering during their time here at OSU. The financial assistance has significantly helped and allowed them to focus on professional and life goals. Shanti will leave OSU with no student loans, which is pretty amazing.

Shanti went on to explain the monetary assistance has allowed them to one, receive a degree, and two, take the transferable skills developed here at OSU and apply them to their career goals; making a difference and helping others. Having developed these transferable skills, Shanti has managed their time better than previous years which has allowed them to explore new hobbies and interests. One of these new found interests include bird watching; which there is plenty to see in the Corvallis area. Shanti plans to graduate in spring 2024.