Starting Fall 2016, all students attending Oregon State University will have access to two helpful tools in Canvas.
These tools are called ReadSpeaker and TextAid. Their main purpose is to increase access and learning for all students at OSU by using text-to-speech. Text-to-speech means that the application will read aloud the content to the student. ReadSpeaker and TextAid will also highlight each word as they are being read aloud. 

This reading approach can be beneficial to a large variety of students, such as:

  • Students with English as a second language
  • Students with different learning styles (auditory learners)
  • Students with visual impairment
  • Students with learning disabilities
  • Students with reading difficulties


By default ReadSpeaker is enabled for all students at OSU and can be found in the bottom left corner in Canvas. It appears as a small speaker icon. From here students can choose to listen to the content of the Canvas page they are currently on (or only highlighted text). Students also have an option to move the plug-in to a more desired location or change their preferred settings of ReadSpeaker.

For more information on how to use ReadSpeaker, please see the ReadSpeaker and TextAid Documentation.


TextAid offers a wide range of functionalities to increase your reading and learning experience at OSU.
Students can use virtually any device with a web browser to have content read aloud. 

Take a moment to view the video below as it hightlights many of the functionalities of this plug-in. 

Types of content that can be read aloud with TextAid:

  • Emails
  • PDF files
  • Websites
  • Word Documents
  • and more...

The plug-in must be enabled for the course by your instructor. If it's not enabled for your course, please ask your instructor to enable it.