On-campus housing accommodations are provided through University Housing and Dining Services (UHDS). UHDS will contact Disability Access Services (DAS) to verify a students’ disability status and the applicability of the accommodation request.

If you are requesting accommodations for on-campus housing, you must be registered with DAS and must provide documentation for review that supports your request.

Steps for Requesting Housing Accommodations

  1. Visit UHDS' Accessibility Information page for more information regarding on-campus housing accommodations and fill out the Dietary and Disability Accommodation Request (DAR) at your My UHDS page.
  2. Register with Disability Access Services.
  3. Provide documentation of your disability to DAS. If your existing documentation does not address your housing needs, please have our DAS Housing Documentation Form filled out by a qualified medical professional. Any housing accommodation requests must be supported by the documentation you provide.
  4. If you are requesting an assistance animal in on-campus housing, you must also provide a completed DAS Housing Assistance Animal Form from a qualified professional. Contact DAS at Disability.Services@oregonstate.edu with any questions.

Updated 09/2015