On-campus Courses/Exams:

The Testing Center is only proctoring exams for in-person, on-campus courses when a proctor is required.

If you are enrolled in an on-campus course which requires an on-campus proctored exam please email testing.services@oregonstate.edu (preferred) or call 541-737-8970 for assistance.

Remote and Ecampus Courses/Exams:

Extended time for proctored and non-proctored Canvas exams: Instructors are responsible for adding extra time into Canvas for all students eligible for alternative testing accommodation. It is recommended DAS students send an email to their instructor prior to the exam to remind them about the DAS testing accommodation. In most cases, this reminder will ensure students have the correct amount of time. If you do not receive a response, please forward the email to your DAS Adviser.

Students are advised not to start an exam until the correct amount of time shows in the testing window. Instructors will need to make additional accommodations if the testing accommodation is not set up for the student to take the exam.

Proctored Canvas exams: If your instructor will use Proctorio for your exams, please notify DAS Testing Services at testing.services@oregonstate.edu so a DAS Adviser can work with you and your instructor to ensure you have access to accommodations not typically specified (access to food/drink, use of a computer screen reader, etc.) in the notification email. Additional information may be needed to ensure the Proctorio system does not flag the student for accommodations that may fall outside the parameter of the exam environment.

Proctoring on campus: Per university and COVID-19 guidelines, DAS is not proctoring exams for remote courses and Ecampus courses as other proctoring options are available. Contact your DAS Adviser if you have any questions or concerns.

Testing Center Information:

The Testing Center will not be staffed if there are no scheduled exams. All exams and appointments must be scheduled in advance; no drop-ins allowed.

COVID-19 protocols and physical distancing have been implemented to ensure the health and safety of all students and staff. Therefore, we want to let you know, there are a couple of changes to the Testing Center space and exam procedures. The furniture in the lobby area has been removed and studying in the lobby is no longer permitted. We have also removed smaller items from the Testing Center such as pencils and erasers so be sure to bring your own. Digital clocks, calculators, hygienic earplugs, noise-cancelling headsets and mp3 players are still available. If you need access to water while taking an exam, we recommend filling up your water bottle before coming to the Testing Center. Per Oregon State University’s Face Covering policy: 1.2 OSU requires faculty, staff, students, contractors, volunteers, and visitors across all OSU locations to use face coverings, which include masks, or cloth face coverings, when in enclosed public and common areas on campus and outdoor areas where physical distancing is not easily maintained. Face coverings must fully cover the nose and mouth. Face coverings that incorporate a valve to facilitate easy exhalation, mesh masks, lace masks, or other coverings with openings, holes, visible gaps in the design, material or vents are not in compliance with this policy. Masks and cloth face coverings should be worn in combination with other measures, such as strict physical distancing and proper hand washing.

Upon arrival at the Testing Center for a scheduled exam, the proctor will complete a quick safety check-in with you before you start your exam. Safety steps include hand sanitizer and enhanced cleaning of surfaces and touched items. Other DAS Testing Center policies and procedures may be modified to comply with safety requirements. For questions, email us at testing.services@oregonstate.edu (preferred) or call 541-737-8970.



Updated: 06/2021