Accessible Formats

Accessible Formats are course materials including textbooks, documents, exams, handouts, etc., converted into various accessible MS Word documents, PDF’s, Braille, etc.

Faculty will receive a Notification of Academic Accommodation email from Disability Access Services (DAS) when eligible students have requested accessible format accommodations. If a student addresses faculty directly with a request for accessible formats, please direct the student to contact the DAS Office.

When accessible format conversions require substantial time to prepare, faculty will be asked to provide the class syllabus well in advance of the term.

When a new textbook is selected, ask the publisher if the textbook is available in electronic text (E-text). If the choice is between two textbooks of comparable content, and only one of these is available in E-text, the fully accessible textbook should be selected.

If the E-text format is unavailable, request a desk copy from the publisher for DAS to convert into an accessible format. DAS will donate the book to the Valley Library.

It is important to remember that some of the supplemental materials might not be accessible to all students.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact:

Assistive Technology Manager

Updated 09/2015