Reduced Course Load Request (9-11 credits)

Students whose disability substantially limits their ability to complete a full time load may be eligible for a reduced course load of 9-11 credits. Students carrying nine hours per term will be considered, based on their eligibility, for the campus-based programs (Perkins NDSL, Ford Federal Direct Loan Program, PLUS), and Pell Grant (3/4 time). Recommendation for this accommodation is coordinated by the Director of DAS.

Students can request a reduced course load (9-11 credits) on 1) a yearly basis, or 2) term-by-term basis. Students should email the DAS Director at least two weeks prior to the year/term indicating which option they are requesting. Students should work with OSU Financial Aid Office to discuss the impact on their financial aid package. The Financial Aid Office shall be responsible for individual financial need assessment including budget allowance, family contribution, and program eligibility.