Students whose disability limits their participation in course labs may be eligible for lab assistants. Lab assistants may:

  • Act as a scribe (filling out required lab worksheets or other written materials)
  • Carry and/or manipulate lab materials
  • Provide verbal description for students who are blind or low vision

Please note: Lab assistants will only help carry out lab procedures that the student are unable to complete due to their disability. All information about actual lab processes and procedures are the student’s responsibility.

Lab assistants:

  • Will perform only those tasks directed by the student
  • Are used as a tool, not as a teacher or tutor
  • Will not prompt or guide the student in performing a lab task
  • Will adhere to proper lab procedures
  • May receive instructions, if needed, regarding a student's disability-related needs from the student and/or DAS

Please request a lab assistant immediately after registering for classes each term. DAS will contact the faculty member to find out the nature of the lab section. If a lab assistant will be needed DAS may need up to 3 weeks to hire a lab assistant.

Page Updated 09/2014