Disability Access Services (DAS) provides the notetaking accommodation to help students capture information from the lectures that they might otherwise miss.

DAS does not typically provide notetakers for the following courses:

  • ALS (Academic Learning Services)
  • PAC (Physical Activity Courses)
  • Lab
  • Recitation
  • Ecampus
  • Practicum
  • Internship
  • Other non-lecture

If one of these classes requires lecture notes, students must schedule an appointment with Notetaking Services to have their request reviewed by calling 541-737-3672 (voice) or emailing Notetaking.Services@oregonstate.edu.

Student Responsibilities

In order to receive notetaking services, students must:

  • Make their request for services using DAS Online Services at least one week before the start of the term. Requests for services are processed in the order that we receive them.
  • Log into DAS Online Services regularly and complete the tasks on their to-do lists.
  • Download their notes or cancel their requests if they realize they do not need a notetaker for their course. Failure to download their notes may result in a hold on their notetaking services until they meet with a DAS Advisor.
  • Inform DAS as soon as possible of any problems with notes, notetaker, or faculty members.
  • Respond to requests for information from DAS.
  • Attend class in order to receive notes, unless the absence is disability related. DAS may request verification for disability related absences.

Notes are for DAS students’ use only. Students are not allowed to distribute or sell the notes provided by the DAS Notetaker or faculty member. Failure to comply with this policy may result in a hold on notetaking services and referral to OSU's Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards.

DAS Responsibilities

  • DAS will review and approve students’ accommodation requests. If approved DAS will email the students’ faculty member a notification letter, letting them know they have requested notetaking.
  • DAS assigns notetakers based on student requests, the notetaker's performance rating, and which notetaker requested the assignment first.
  • If no notetaker has requested an assignment for the class DAS will email the faculty member asking them to assist DAS in recruiting a notetaker by making an announcement (without mentioning names) in class or via Blackboard.
  • DAS may also recruit a notetaker by emailing students in the class with high GPA's.

After you are matched to a notetaker in DAS Online Services:

  • When matched with a notetaker, students are encouraged to develop and maintain a working relationship with the notetaker, either in person or via email. For tips on how to communicate with a notetaker, visit the Self-Advocacy Tools page.
  • Students must attend class in order to receive notes, unless the absence is disability related. DAS may request verification for disability related absences.
  • Students should communicate with the notetaker and/or DAS about the quality and timeliness of notes. Please note: it may take several business days to resolve a notetaking issue or to find a new notetaker. Please communicate with DAS as soon as any problems arise (i.e. the notetaker is not uploading notes within 24 hours).
  • Students are required to download their notes on a regular basis. Failure to utilize the service may result in cancellation of notetaking for that class.
  • If students cannot access the notes, they can come to the DAS office for technical assistance. Students may wish to bring a laptop so that we can better assist them with any technical issues.
  • Students are required to sign an invoice that verifies the notes were received. If the quality or the delivery of the notes was of poor and inconsistent quality, do not sign the invoice and contact Notetaking.Services@oregonstate.edu immediately.

If students are not matched to a notetaker in DAS Online Services after the start of the term:

  • DAS will email an employment opportunity announcement to your faculty member, asking them to read the announcement in class or post an announcement on the course website. Any interested notetakers should register online. If this announcement has not been made please notify Notetaking Services immediately.
  • Consider recruiting a classmates to become a notetaker. Notetakers can request an assignment through the DAS website. Students can also email Notetaking.Services@oregonstate.edu with the potential notetaker's name and email address and DAS will contact them. Please remember that the notetaker must be enrolled in the class. Please note: Students that self-recruit have been found to be the most satisfied with the quality of the notes. Contact Notetaking Services with any questions or concerns about recruiting a notetaker.
  • If a notetaker has not been assigned, please schedule an appointment with Notetaking Services at 541-737-3672 (voice) or Notetaking.Services@oregonstate.edu (email) to discuss potential options.

Page Updated 10/2014